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This book is planned and designed with three goals in mind (thought):  

·         To help us become more like our Lord Jesus Christ – so much like Him that our family, friends, and others in our lives can see Him manifested and reflected in our words, attitudes, and actions.

·         To help us surrender and submit to God and resist the devil.

·         To help us be always victorious in our lives by winning the spiritual battles.

The purpose of this book:

·         To give all the glory to God for what He has given us the following:

1.      Words of God – The Bible

2.      Our body, soul – mind, emotions and feelings, and spirit  – our heart

3.      Our Helper and Comforter, Holy Spirit who will always guides and helps us.

·         Gain knowledge, strength, understanding, wisdom, and power that come from God through the Words of God – The Bible and God’s person of the Holy Spirit.

·         Learn to surrender and submit ourselves to God so that the fruit of the Holy Spirit will come out in our lives. This one enables and empowers us to battle.

·         Have the courage and strength to face and avoid gossips, bad news, or negative thoughts.

·         Renew and refresh our thoughts (minds), and need get to know the truth of His divine revelation to each one of us.

·         To receive the wisdom of what God is saying about His Words and how we can win the battle in our mind through the power of the Holy Spirit.

·         To know and understand that the Holy Spirit moves in accordance to the Words of God – the Word of God – JESUS CHRIST, the final Word of God.

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