Elias A Busuego Jr PhD DTM – Founder/Pastor of Home Fellowship Churches, Texas

Elias A. Busuego, Jr., PhD , DTM is self-described as “proud of the only two women in my life – my wife Christie and my daughter Christine with her husband Steve, and their son Nathaniel, their daughter Leah, sixth and eight of nine (9) grandchildren respectively. I am also proud of my three sons: John with his wife Kristin and their family [two sons (Greyson & Maxwell & one daughter (Harper)]; Christopher with his wife Taylor, their daughter Zara Rose, and their son Erik Josiah – the youngest grandchild; and Elias Jr. IV and his wife Sarah with their family [one son (Miles Elias) & one daughter (Liliana)].

Since Elias became a Born-Again Christian on March 17, 1972, started growing in his spiritual life and understanding of the Scriptures, he understands the Bible and its deeper spiritual perspective. He experienced to be a Born-Again Christian believer and have a great relationship with Father God through our Lord Jesus Christ, and in the power of the Holy Spirit.