Encouraging A Healthy Lifestyle

37. Health Benefits of Prayer Source: Preventive Medicine – At the University of Texas, researchers examined whether people who frequently attend religious services take more action to maintain good health, compared to those who attend less frequently or… Read More

Reducing Stress Among Caregivers

36. Health Benefits of Prayer Source: American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry – Caring for a loved one with dementia and surviving their death are two of the most stressful events that we can experience. At the University of… Read More

Controlling Fear of Terrorist Attacks and Pandemic

35. Health Benefits of Prayer Source: Journal of Personality & Social Psychology – Several studies in Germany looked at students facing the threat of terrorist attacks, and how religious affected their reaction to the situation. Researchers found that… Read More

Reducing The Odds of Smoking

34. Health Benefits of Prayer Source: Nicotine & Tobacco Research – Multiple studies have shown that religious people of all ages are less likely to smoke. One study also looked at the influence of religion on a genetic… Read More

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