Acts 20:20 says, “I never shrank back from telling you what you needed to hear, either publicly or in your homes.”

Paul’s ministry in Ephesus exuded boldness in telling the truth. The mention of homes may refer to house churches. Paul had one message for all. Both Jews and Gentiles alike were included in his mission, and both needed the central message of turning from sin and turning to God.
In this day of growing complexity, the church often falls prey to the temptation to become sophisticated and complicated, to fit into the culture. Born-Again Christian believers must never let the message get lost in the trappings of the ministry (buildings, programs, schedules, calendars) or the ever-present busyness of church activities.

The Home Fellowship Churches is committed to achieve the three main purposes: ENCOURAGE, ENLIGHTEN, and EMPOWER families to share the Great Commission, preach and teach the Gospel – the Good News – the love and forgiveness of our Lord Jesus Christ, our loving Savior and merciful Mighty God.

First, the Home Fellowship Churches’ purpose is to “ENCOURAGE” Born-Again Christian and spiritual matured believers to bring the church and/or fellowship (not the building or temple) that meets in every homes/houses, gives the families a future focus, a sense of hope, a sense of deep meaningful purpose. This sense of the future becomes more impactful, more powerful than the sense of the past, than what is often called baggage: past traumas, social injuries, past failures, and even the grasp of present circumstances. We will need to work basically on two things: vision – our sense of the future, and purpose driven life – those principles we want to live by so that we value them.

Second, the Home Fellowship Churches’ purpose is to “ENLIGHTEN” the members of the family at home through our Lord Jesus Christ who is the Light of the world. We could begin with the end in mind with a common purpose, a common vision, which is what gets expressed in a family mission statement within the Home Fellowship Churches. We may call it a purpose statement. The most important thing is the collective effort by all in the family to develop a clear sense of what that family is about and values by which it operates. A family’s vision, purpose, and values are more powerful, more significant, and more influential than the baggage of the past or even the accumulated noise of the present. The power of a mission statement lies in the family vision and in a commitment to that vision, to that purpose, and to those principle-centered values.

Third, the Home Fellowship Churches’ purpose is to “EMPOWER” families with the help of the HOLY SPIRIT to create family’s mission statement, a nurturing place of faith, hope and love that will direct and lead our families’ destination guided by our leadership skills with the wisdom comes from God. We received the guidance of the Holy Spirit and God’s Words, and the core values we want to live our lives by walking by faith in God according to His perfect will, hope from His promises, don’t give up, and envision together what lies down the road the way to live in eternity.

The Home Fellowship Churches’ ultimate purpose, vision, and mission is to establish church and/or fellowship in every home with the support and further of family’s mission statement. The family’s mission statement is to propagate the Gospel – The Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ to our loved ones, friends, and neighbors. It is also merely an extension of statement that is based on Habit Two of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People called “Begin with the End in Mind.” It focuses us on the principles of what we want to be in terms of character, and what we want to do about contributions and achievements. It is based upon self-chosen values and principles. This is the supreme value of the process of long-term thinking, long term planning in building powerful family mission statement that surround the accomplishment of worthy purposes for all God’s glory.