Home Fellowship Churches Response to COVID-19

The United States is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and despite “shelter in place” requirements, Born-Again Christian believers of Home Fellowship Churches continue to receive powerful and effective prayer, daily devotionals and inspiring God’s Words and virtual counselling services they have come to expect by faith and trust in God.

The health and safety of our families, relatives, loved ones and neighbors is, as ever, our priority in our prayers. As this situation unfolds, we are taking all necessary steps to protect families and relatives, and collecting true and good news from local, state and federal authorities especially from FoxNews to ensure the safety, dependability, spiritual services with encouragement and inspiration, and insights such as faith, hope, and agape love we share. Our hearts go out to those affected by the virus, and we are committed to accomplish our purpose, vision, and mission being part of spiritual, mental, emotional, relational response to it in the communities we love and serve. We will continue to communicate with all of our families, relatives, loved ones, friends, neighbors, church partners, veterans and their families in the American Legion Post 447 and District 10 about our response of good attitude and behavior, concerns, and prayer requests and as circumstances dictate in the coming weeks or months, hopefully, and God forbid.

Do not be afraid. Be smart and vigilant against this pandemic coronavirus. Have faith and trust God. We will continue to pray for all of you in your homes.

In the Bible, book of James 5:7-8 says, “Dear brothers and sisters, be patient as you wait for the Lord’s return. Consider the farmers who patiently wait for the rains in the fall and in the spring. They eagerly look for the valuable harvest to ripen. 8 You, too, must be patient. Take courage, for the coming of the Lord is near.”

We as believers are to be patient even during injustice especially these hardships, suffering, grieving and mourning. We as Born-Again Christian believers need to endure, trust in God through our trials, and refuse to try to get even for wrongs committed against us (see also James 1:2, 12; Psalm 37). But patience does not mean inaction. There was worked to be done – serving God, caring for one another, and proclaiming the Good News. There is an end point, a time when patience will no longer be needed – our Lord Jesus Christ’s return. At that time, everything will be made right. The early church lived in constant expectation of Christ’s return, and so should we. Because we do not know when Christ will return to bring justice, anti-lynching, and remove oppression, we must wait with patience (see 2 Peter 3:8-10). As an example of patience, James talks about the farmer who must patiently wait for the precious harvest to ripen. Patience must be exercised and developed between the rains. Even nonfarmers have plenty of opportunities to develop patience. The waiting for the arrival of a baby, starting a new job, finishing school, waiting for a loved one’s visit, slowly improving health during a prolonged illness, Shelter-At-Home, sick of coronavirus, drug addictions, spousal and child abuse, all these situations try our patience. We will exercise patience as we concentrate on the result of our waiting. God’s way is seldom the quick way, but it is always the complete way.

There are three (3) truths to remember:

  1. Waiting reveals what we worship. When the Israelites’ plans were delayed, they pursued instant gratification because that’s what they valued. When we find ourselves dissatisfied with our situation (loneliness, emptiness, self-quarantine, sick, etc.) what do we turn to? Government officials, scientist, data medical models, etc.? What we focus on reveals what we value, and what we value determines what we worship.
  2. Waiting is never wasted. God wasn’t withholding His promise from the Israelites – He was preparing them for it. God’s timeline is different than ours, but our waiting might be preparing us for the plans and purposes God has for us.
  3. Waiting helps us focus on God’s faithfulness. God’s faithfulness hasn’t changed. The God who patiently protected and provided for the Israelites also conquered death so that we could experience eternal life.

If we find ourselves growing weary from waiting, look up and look back for learned lessons on what God’s done for us. This will help us hold onto hope.

Hoping in God is never wasted because the One and mighty God, our Lord Jesus Christ who conquered death is still in control, in the person of God – the Holy Spirit. The Holy spirit is always at work in our waiting.

Again, have faith and trust God. God bless you all!