12.   Health Benefits of Prayer

Source: Rehabilitation Psychology – Those who suffered traumatic brain injury and felt the strongest connection to a higher power [especially with God, the Holy Spirit ] were least distressed, most satisfied with their lives, and experienced better recovery.

Spiritually: The Bible New Living Translation (NLT) Matthew 10:7-8 stated, 7 “Go and announce to them that the Kingdom of Heaven is near. 8 Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received!”

Life Application: iLumina Bible Studies – Our Lord Jesus Christ sent His disciples out to announce that the Kingdom of Heaven was near. Jesus was talking about a spiritual kingdom. The Kingdom is still “near.” Jesus, the Messiah, has already begun His Kingdom on earth in the hearts of His followers. One day the Kingdom will be fully realized.

The disciples were also to use the authority and power Jesus had given them (Matthew 10:1). He gave the disciples a principle to guide their actions as they ministered to others: Give as freely as you have received. The disciples had received salvation and the Kingdom without cost; they should give their time under the same principle. Because God has showered us with His blessings, we should give generously to others of our time, love, and possessions.

THE PRIORITY OF PRAYER by Dr. Charles Stanley of InTouch Ministries https://www.intouch.org/watch/the-priority-of-prayer