Making Substance Abuse & Coronavirus (COVID-19) Treatment More Effective

18.   Health Benefit of Prayer Source: Psychiatric Services – An analysis of data from Veteran Affairs hospitals showed that among 600 veterans who underwent a substance abuse treatment program, those who were most religious were 34 percent less… Read More

Significantly Lowering Health Risks

17.   Health Benefits of Prayer Source: International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine – People who hold and practice religious beliefs with a positive outlook have lower health risks. For example, in a study of nearly 6,000 Californians between… Read More

Kids Doing Better in School

16.   Health Benefits of Prayer Source: Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion – School-aged children who are involved in church activities have higher educational expectations and are likely to do better in math and reading. Children who… Read More

Decreasing Alcohol Abuse

15.   Health Benefits of Prayer Source: Hospital and Community Psychiatry – People who frequently pray and regularly attend church services are less likely to abuse alcohol. Watching or listening to religious television or radio programs does not have… Read More

Reducing Impact of Chronic Pain

14.   Health Benefits of Prayer Source: Journal of Behavioral Medicine – People with chronic pain who prayed with a positive attitude were less affected by pain in their daily lives, and were able to manage it and had… Read More

Protecting Against Stress

13.   Health Benefits of Prayer Source: Annals of Behavioral Medicine – Seniors or older people with strong personal religious beliefs do not experience significantly elevated blood pressure when faced with stressful events. Prayer fosters compassion and a loving… Read More

Enhancing Recovery From Brain Injury

12.   Health Benefits of Prayer Source: Rehabilitation Psychology – Those who suffered traumatic brain injury and felt the strongest connection to a higher power [especially with God, the Holy Spirit ] were least distressed, most satisfied with their… Read More

Improving Outlook Among Prostate Cancer Patients

11.   Health Benefits of Prayer Source: Annals of Behavioral Medicine – Those whose religion or spiritual good health gave them a sense of meaning and peace were less likely to experience depression and coped more effectively with their… Read More

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