Improving Recovery From Heart Surgery

10.   Health Benefits of Prayer Source: The Gerontologist – People who pray with a positive, hopeful attitude as an ongoing part of their lives prior to undergoing heart surgery, experience less depression and anxiety afterwards, both in the… Read More

Increasing Happiness and Financial Satisfaction

9.   Health Benefits of Prayer Source: Journal of Religion and Health – Adults who are the most religious (spiritually matured and in good health), in terms of prayer with a positive focus, attendance at church services, home fellowships,… Read More

Reducing Genetic Risk for Depression

8.   Health Benefits of Prayer Source: The American Journal of Psychiatry – Numerous other studies show that prayer and other religious practices reduce or alleviate depression, with or without genetic risk. Adults with the highest risk of depression,… Read More

Reducing Financial Stress

7.   Health Benefits of Prayer Source: The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion – Older people found that faith and attendance at religious services/Home Fellowship Churches/Bible Study Groups offset the emotional toll of financial strain. Prayer increases… Read More

Recovering From Abusive Relationships

6.   Health Benefits of Prayer Source: Social Psychology Quarterly – Prayer helps victims of abusive relationships to recover a positive view of themselves and reduces emotional pain. In addition, people who are religious are less likely to suffer… Read More

Protecting Teens Against Drugs

5.   Health Benefits of Prayer Source: Psychology of Addictive Drugs – Teens who view religion as a meaningful part of their lives are half as likely to use drugs, compared to non-religious teens – especially during stressful times,… Read More

Coping Better With Breast Cancer

4.   Health Benefits of Prayer Source: PscyhoOncology – Praying in an online support group helped breast cancer patients experience less stress, have lower levels of negative emotions, and experience greater well-being. In addition, belief in an afterlife reduced… Read More

Living A Longer New Life To Eternal Life

3.   Health Benefits of Prayer Source: Health Psychology – More people found that in addition to private prayer, attending religious services/gathering in Home Fellowship Churches/Bible Study Groups, and being involved in other church/group activities predicted a longer and… Read More

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